Introduction to Integrative Massage 

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Four hours of learning this Ancient Healing Art of touch.

An ancient traditional method of how to touch in a holy and Sacred way. After 13 years of healing touch, Paula has brought her wisdom and experience together and created a class just for you. Paula has wisdom, knowledge and practical application of traditional massage techniques. She incorporated these teachings into her massage practice and will share these methods with you. Paula is a wisdom keeper and will create a sacred space for you to learn some of the traditions of Curanderismo, a type of folk healing, handed down through the generations verbally, with many influences of many cultures. 

  • What will you learn:
  • A History of Curanderismo
  • Common terms used in Curanderismo , definitions and uses
  • Learn to do a verbal assessment while being culturally sensitive
  • Practice a Platica/Verbal Assessment
  • Practice what you have learned


  • Students will become culturally sensitive regarding Curanderismo during dialogue with patients/clients
  • Students will understand and define simple terms of Curanderismo
  • Students will establish effective working relationships with patients/clients demonstrating empathy through reflection and non verbal clues
  • Students will motivate patient/client compliance while developing culturally sensitive treatment options and follow up.

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Introduction to Integrative Massage Extended

Class 1 is prerequisite NOW 6 MORE CEU

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Continue learning about this Ancient Healing Art of touch, Curanderismo.

This is a hands-on class. No equipment needed.

  • We will review the terms learned in Class 1
  • Review a Platica
  • You will learn how to use plants, and stones to clear the body and energy field of illnesses, stagnation, debris, and learn how these affect the spirit, heart, body, and mind.
  • You will learn the names of the body parts in Nahuatl used by Mexhika Medicine Men/Women to focus on for bringing balance to the Spirit, Heart, Mind, and Body.
  • You will learn how to use the plants around them to perform a Traditional healing session.
  • You will learn what Traditional Healers use to bring the body to balance.
  • You will obtain knowledge of Traditional methods of healing in the Mexhika tradition.
  • Learn an effective Mantra for bringing balance into your session
  • Learn how to find your balance and increase your intuition while working with yourself and others.
  • You will obtain tangible skills to use in their own practice of massage. Paula has created a protocol to assist in learning these skills.

Everything we do is a Ceremony, please bring something for the Altar to assist you in gaining the wisdom you want to take with you.  Bring your open heart, the inner work starts with you.

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Spiritual Reflexology

Spiritual Reflexology will take you through an ancient healing method of honoring someone through the feet. Paula will teach you a foot washing ceremony with herbs and oils. You will learn a breathing technique that allows you to remain focused while intuiting the needs of another. Paula will give you the correlation of reflexology, the feet, and the Mexhika Medicine Wheel. We will learn the names of 5 body parts in a language used by the Medicine people of Meso~ America. We will learn how a headache relates to our connection to our Ancestors, how grief can be relieved in the feet, and how a soul wound will present itself in the body. This will become a ceremony that you can use in your massage practice, spiritual practice or anyplace you find a need to honor someone. You will have hands-on practice and be able to perform this ceremony from the beginning all the way to the end.

We will discuss appropriate dialogue and gestures while sitting at the feet of another. We will discuss cultural differences and how to honor each belief system. We will learn to adapt to pain, pressure, and injuries to the feet. Open discussion throughout the class about feet, spirituality, and honor. We will also learn about herbs and oils and which ones to use and some not to use.

November 10, 2019 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

6239 E Brown rd Suite 112

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No refunds unless Paula cancels the class

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