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Today, most companies are challenged with finding ways to ensure happy and healthy employees. Companies also look for avenues of “non-monetary” recoginition of employees, their work and promoting a positive work environment. Corporate massage can serve as an excellent answer to such needs and more.

Additionally, corporate massage’s positive impact on repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, chronic back and neck pain is a cost-effective modality to reduce those ailments while reducing absenteeism, potential compensation claims, and stress reduction in the workplace.

The therapist will transport table/chair to your place of business and set up for clothed, therapeutic massage. No oils, fragrances or lotions are used. Your employees will gain the benefits of Occupational Health. Each employee will also receive the benefit of learning a method of stretching all the muscles that are linked to the carpal tunnel. Reducing the need for carpal tunnel surgery.

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