Paula Leeper is the Owner of Ancient Healings Arts LLC and has been a licensed massage practitioner since 2007. She is trained in Neuromuscular re-education, a technique used by rehabilitation therapists to restore normal movement in the body, she is trained in Medical Massage.

Together, your nerves and muscles work to produce movements. Nerves send signals between your muscles and your brain about when, where, and fast to move. This process is complex and your body knows how to do it naturally. It is Paula’s belief the body does heal from injuries, medical conditions and overuse with these therapies.

Paula will use myo~fascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy , medical massage protocols and cranial-sacral therapies to create the pathway to healing your body.

Together, we will remind your muscles, nerves and body to work in harmony.

During your custom treatment, you may begin to feel relief right away, allowing your muscles to return to a state health and regain your range of motion, relieving pain and, ultimately, restore your health.

Paula is dedicated to your health and will work with you on all levels of healing.

Leave your pain here and restore your health. 

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Maestra Paula Leeper is the lead teacher in Arizona and has studied with Maestra CC since 2007. She is an LMT, a Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist, Medical Massage Therapist, herbalist, temazcalera, altar artist, ceremonialist, empath , workshop facilitator, and has been initiated as a Mexhika Medicine Woman. She is passing the medicine to her children, grandchildren and, now, has her own students within her community. She is available in Mesa, Arizona and the surrounding areas BY APPOINTMENT ONLY for Limpias/Smudgings, Bodywork/Massage, Herbs, Workshops and Ceremonies.

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