Ancient Ear Coning Ceremony

//Ancient Ear Coning Ceremony
Ancient Ear Coning Ceremony2018-04-15T12:53:08-07:00

Ear coning is an ancient healing art which includes an essential oil massage for the ears and upper lymphatic system. The cones, themselves, are made of organic cotton, beeswax and lined with herbal powders.

As seen in the image on the right, the cone is lit with a small flame with the tapered end placed just inside the ear canal. The spiraling herbal smoke enters the ear canal and creates a soothing feeling for your head, ears and sinus/nasal passages. In some cases, coning may clear out toxins, such as mold, infections and built-up ear wax.

This method has shown to be beneficial for those with racing thoughts (monkey mind) while also bringing balance and clarity to one’s mind and spirit.

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